Our Ethos

How we're different

To us, Sitto Z represents a fusion of our cultures. Through food, stories are told connecting the past to the present. Our recipes have been passed down through the generations and are 100% authentic, uniquely crafted and kept in their original rustic form. We stick to old-school recipes that involve naturally preserving foods using lemon juice, vinegar & tomatoes. We take pride in the raw characteristics of our sauces and we love how each ingredient can be easily identified so that you know exactly what you are eating. Our sauces are homemade in small batches weekly, and we have no hidden enhancers, preservatives, flavors or additives. Each batch is carefully crafted with love, passion and knowledge. Simply open up a bottle of our world and experience it for yourself!

Red Chili Pods



Sitto Z is a small family run business,we make our own signature artisan chilli sauces,dry rubs and juices. Sitto Z is the product of a shared passion for cooking and a wealth of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and a desire to share that with the world."Sitto" is arabic for grandma and it is a homage to the greatest sauce maker that ever lived. 


We are an Irish owned company that produces a range of fusion sauces,juices and marinades inspired by African/European and middle Eastern flavors.
We use only the finest fresh chilli's, locally sourced ingredients and natural only preservatives.


Spicy Peppers
Flavour, and spice, and all things nice,
that's what  Sitto Z is made of!


our Sauces


Our sauces range from tear-jerking bottled liquid lava to mild and creamy Sahara Sunsets that will literally make any dish taste good. Our sauces can be used during the cooking and marinating process or can be drizzled, rubbed, grilled or sizzled. Use them with sandwiches, grilled meat or fish, vegetable and vegan dishes or simply as a splash on the side.